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Covid 19 

Lead Physiotherapy Update

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic restricting face to face contact, Lead Physiotherapy remains open to
supports our patients via online video consultations.

We are committed to providing the same standard of service despite the constraints. You may be
looking to focus more on your health and fitness, increase or alter your training regime. This could
also be an opportunity to investigate a current or long-term injury.


Rehabilitation and recovery is
crucial for quality of life and this should remain uninterrupted. To book a remote consultation call
07378 772889 or book online here and we can discuss the suitability for this facility.

The defining feature of Lead Physiotherapy is the management musculoskeletal injury through
education and exercise.


Our physiotherapists are experts in injury diagnosis and exercise prescription. The online consultations are suitable for the following.

• Anyone who needs a working diagnosis of their injury.

• An acute or long-term musculoskeletal condition
• Individuals that have struggled to get results with other treatments, or simply want to improve
their health or performance

The online consultation will include.

• In-depth history taking and expert assessment.
• Comprehensive observation of various functional tests and gait analysis where possible.

• Advice and guidance on appropriate treatment and management strategies, such as exercise
programs or sports footwear advice.

• Advice on treatment options and management plans.

• For follow up appointments this is an efficient way to stay in touch and to keep track of progress
made and see if any alterations in the treatment plan are needed.

Once we have agreed that your condition is appropriate for an online consultation I will provide an
overview of the key factors that will be needed during our consultation and you will receive this via
email prior to confirming the date and time for the session so you can have everything in place for
your session.

Lead Physiotherapy

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